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As spring approaches, it brings many patients who have suffered head, facial and oral trauma. Traumatic dental injuries present difficult challenges for both patients and their dentists. According to the American Association of Endodontists, dental injuries are the most common type of oral facial injury sustained during participation in sports; the majority of these dental […]

You Loose with Booze: Drinking Leads to Bad Oral Health

Alcohol abuse can be extremely harmful to your oral health, which is not something most people are aware of. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, there are approximately 17.6 million adults who are alcoholics or have alcohol problems; approximately 14 million more Americans meet the criteria for alcohol abuse or alcoholism. […]

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Do you put your baby to bed with a bottle full of formula or breast milk? You may be doing your baby harm. The formula and breast milk that you use to comfort and nourish your baby can also cause severe tooth decay. What you are using to nourish your baby also nourishes the normal […]

Are you stressed out?

Do you feel like you are running around with your head chopped off? Are you getting enough sleep? Do you have anxiety? Are people walking on egg shells whenever they’re around you? If so, you probably have too much stress in your life. We all encounter stress in our lives, some more than others. Did […]